6 Simple Steps Which Will Boost Your SEO This Christmas!

Boost Your SEO

by | Nov 26, 2018 | SEO

We believe that SEO is important around the year, but during the season you should be upgrading your SEO game. Reports suggest that 51% of people love to shop online. Many say they turned to the search engine to search for the products they love. People searched for perfect gifts, holiday recipes and much more.

Season time is the perfect time to attract customers to your website for which SEO needs to be optimized. The best part, one does not need to change the entire strategy, but just a few tweaks will do the job.

Get specific

We know you already have a huge list of keywords to drive your traffic to your website but one can use Google Trends to search for the trending keywords. The phrases could be found in months, weeks. Take advantage of the most popular keyword which will let users straight to your shop.

Be Descriptive with Keywords

Your brand needs attention, make sure your use your meta description properly. People are always looking for deals and good delivery. If you add free delivery and discount after the total reaches a certain amount, then perfect!

Get the time right

Timing is the perfect key even if the brands know which phrases and keywords to use. The search engines will not index the page straight away, they will take sometime as well. Hence waiting until November is not a good ideas. Make sure you have started working on your SEO way before the holiday begins. Generally, one should start working for Christmas 6 months before, but if you have started late, not worries, there are tricks up an expert’s sleeve all the time.

Develop holiday-themed posts

In order to show up in search queries, start writing holiday-themed posts. Sit with your team and develop some ideas and build up your content calendar. But, keep in mind to write content related to your business which helps to solve a problem.

Revamp landing pages

Take some of the seasonal keywords and place it on your landing page. Make sure to include many internal links to your product page. Change meta description and page title and write about holiday specific products. Update images and videos as well which will attract clients.

In addition, rich snippets can help you do the job. Rich snippets include blue title ink, images, pricing details, ratings, product availability and other things. The rich snippets will help you rank higher and generate more sales. Hence make sure to update your website according to the season as well.

Holiday gift guide

We all know that the gift guide has been around for a long time, but having it online changes the game. The customers can shop online with ease and can also know which products will be available in your store. This will help to close sales faster and with satisfaction. This will also help to improve your SEO ranking.

We see that you are still reading, here are some bonus tips.

  • Get your basic SEO right like content, meta tags, description.
  • Target the local smartphone users with paid ads
  • For remarketing and awareness utilize display network
  • Make sure your address and directions are accurate
  • Make sure you have honest reviews on all social network channels.
  • Dedicate one person to attend people on chat across all social networks.
  • Make sure your website is fast and social enough to meet the increasing traffic for the month.
  • “Click and Collect” is another good option to add to your website.
  • Be active on all social media platforms and take advantage of demographic ads.

Well, hurry up! What are you waiting for? Sit down and write your SEO plan today!