Custom CMS

Tech Webers prefer you website development within CMS like WordPress instead of static or coded website. The reason behind is post management, updation become easy with CMS. Rather you must have HTML, CSS and other programming knowledge to even create or edit any module or page which is quite complex. With CMS constructed website, we can guide you for future editing and updates of content sections.

What we Do

CMS built websites can be secured enough by implementing passwords and authorize limited access to user roles.We create custom CMS platforms for clients with the services include:

Functions according to requirement of project

Use of High quality and effective methodologies

Mainly handled by expertise team of customization

Installation and implementation of every required add-on

Develop an optimized and SEO friendly web solution

Use of High quality and effective methodologies

Tech Webers designed CMS FEATURES

We initiate work on efficient, flexible and easily handled Content management system (CMS) . Provided or implemented CMS can easily allow you to add, edit and prepare a website content, images etc including the following:


Update the website text, links

Unlimited Page Management

Photo gallery

Product catalogues

Website banners & graphics

Secure logins

Links and menu management

Simple HTML Editor


SEO friendly structure

Social media integration

Google Map integration

Our professional services

Template Development

We can create custom templates for required webpage with custom layouts and designs to attract your website visitors.

Custom CMS Programming

Do you want to design your website with custom and excellent layouts? Let Tech Webers, team of experts to customize the CMS modules and features.

Site Migrations

Tech Webers can help you to reliably migrate your websites from one server or hosting to other without loss of applicable data and content.

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Things we have Done

We are building bridges in web technology in order to connect the client’s goal to reality