Images in Search Engine Optimization

Images in Search Engine Optimization

by | May 2, 2019 | SEO

Our world is filled with highly visual individuals. And if you’re managing an online business, you need images to attract your customers and rank top on search engines. But no matter how attractive your images are, it’s still a waste when it’s not optimized according to Google’s algorithm. For this reason, it’s important to find the best Detroit SEO services that know the processes of image optimization. Don’t hesitate to give this concept a chance. Modern businesses are using this SEO solution in their digital marketing strategies. There’s no reason why you won’t too!

Images: Always and Forever!

If you’re connected to an industry on the web, it’s a common dilemma on whether to use images or not. Well, when you’re up to providing information only, then perhaps written text will do. Nonetheless, if your goal is disseminating information, attracting customers, increasing visibility, and excellent user experience (UX), then definitely, you’ll need images.

Images which are done properly give your articles more power to your visitors and seamless approval to search engines. However, to unleash its true potential, you have to apply the best SEO strategy for images. Common strategies include keywords in the photo file name and having the right format but there’s actually more.

Top Detroit SEO Guidelines for Image Optimization

Utilize Original Images Over Stock Images

Originality is a big thing to search engines like Google and Bing. Although stock images may possess advantages on convenience, it doesn’t furnish uniqueness in most cases. Try to imagine yourself visiting two similar business industries with the same images. Chances are, you’ll leave those sites and look for another sites. If you don’t like it, then neither does the search engines.Obviously, it affects your SEO ranking!

Post Images for Reasons Beyond Aesthetics

People are visual in nature and they are attracted to beautiful images. But even when images are appealing to them, if it doesn’t relate to what’s in your written content, then it’s garbage. The truth is, your images should act as a way to simplify the information you want to convey. It should give a glimpse on what your products or services is all about.For instance, if you’re talking about a topic “chocolate for kids.” Your images shouldn’t show about candies or toys, otherwise, it would be far out from the topic. It would mislead your visitors, definitely not good for user experience and SEO.

Use JPEG for SEO

There’s a lot of image format you can use in your blog or page. However, JPEG is your best option in SEO due to the following reasons:

  • Good maintenance of image quality even when compressed or resized.
  • Versatility in colors, shadows, patterns, other editing requirements for high-resolution photos.
  • Great option if you want to have realistic images.
  • Most of common format known to most internet users.
  • Ideal format on the Web.

Save the Right Filename

Most images have filenames such as IMG_2342434 which don’t ring a bell to search engines. A good SEO practice is to change the default filename to a keyword-rich filename. So instead of DSC313234, change it to best-detroit-seo and save.

Add Good Captions If Necessary

Provide better photo understanding to your visitors and add further value to your SEO by creating good captions. Just keep it short and don’t force the caption when it’s not necessary.

Focusing on Image SEO

Some SEO services don’t see image optimization as a priority to achieve success. But for a good Detroit SEO agency, photos and videos are certainly not low in value. At Reach Digital, we make sure that every bit of your SEO needs are attended. Call us for any inquiries!