Boosting Organic Traffic: How Tech Webers Helped LaMarco Systems Achieve a 21% Increase in Clicks

LaMarco Systems is a trusted industry leader, providing top-notch Life Safety and Integrated Security Solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses and individuals.


Tech Webers was approached by LaMarco Systems, whose website was only receiving 182 users from Google organic search. LaMarco Systems wanted to increase their website traffic to generate more leads through organic traffic. The challenge for Tech Webers was to improve LaMarco Systems’ search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and increase their website’s visibility in Google search results.


To address LaMarco Systems’ challenge of low website traffic, our SEO team conducted a comprehensive analysis of the website and its local competitors. Based on the client’s requirements, we developed a Keyword Plan designed to improve the website’s visibility in search results.

Upon approval of the Keyword Plan by LaMarco Systems, we proceeded to optimize the website’s content to rank for critical key phrases (also known as keywords).

As part of our SEO strategy, our SEO team conducted various On-Page SEO tasks following best practices, including Meta Tags Optimization, Heading Tag Optimization, Alt Text Optimization, and Schema Markup Implementation. As a result of these optimizations, some of LaMarco Systems’ keywords have now appeared on Google SERPs, previously not even in the top 100 results.

To further improve the website’s search engine ranking, our team began working on Off-Page SEO tasks, focusing on building backlinks from relevant and high authority websites through outreach efforts.

After several months of dedicated SEO efforts, LaMarco Systems experienced significant growth in website traffic, which ultimately helped them generate more leads for their business.

LaMarco Analytics

Here is the evidence of our successful SEO efforts:

The SEO efforts of Tech Webers have proven to be highly effective, resulting in a significant increase in LaMarco Systems’ website traffic. The number of users visiting the website has increased from 182 to over 1.9K, and multiple keywords are now ranking at the #1 position in search engine results.

Google Search Console data shows that in the last 6 months, LaMarco Systems received 4.82K clicks, which is a substantial increase of approximately 21.72% compared to the previous 6 months when the website only received 3.96K clicks. This demonstrates the significant impact of our SEO strategy on the website’s visibility and traffic.

LaMarco Google Search Console Result

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