How Giggle Finance Doubled Its Organic Search Traffic By Implanting SEO


Giggle Finance is a financial services company that offers instant access to capital. It provides working capital solutions exclusively focusing on 1099 workers, independent contractors, app-based freelancers and the self-employed. Like many companies in the financial industry, Giggle Finance was facing intense competition for organic search traffic. To drive more leads from organic search, Giggle Finance decided to invest in SEO.

The Problem

Giggle Finance’s website was not ranking well for relevant keywords in the financial services industry. This was resulting in a low volume of organic search traffic and a lack of leads from the website.

The Solution

Giggle Finance needed a company that not only helps them to improve their ranking but add value to their business by driving leads from organic search. So, they partnered with TechWebers in order to implement applicable structured data to improve user experience and increase organic traffic on Google Search.

Tech Webers recommended several changes to Giggle Finance’s website, including:

  • Optimizing the website’s content to include relevant keywords
  • Building backlinks from other reputable websites
  • Improving the website’s design and user experience

Tech Webers analyzed the business competitors of Giggle finance to develop higher quality content that resulted in a huge amount of traffic. In a few months, Giggle Finance started to see significant improvements in the website and its ranking.

To Go In Details

By partnering with Tech Webers, Giggle Finance was able to implement a number of changes to its website that helped improve its search engine rankings. These changes included Keyword Research for optimizing the website’s content to include relevant keywords, analyzed the competitor’s website, created new pages to target the high value keywords, implemented On-Page SEO best practices which included work on title tags, URLs, alt text addition to images, anchor text optimization, added appropriate schema markup, building backlinks from other reputable websites, and improving the website’s design and user experience.
The results of this SEO strategy were impressive. In just one year, Giggle Finance saw a 436% increase in organic users and a 379% increase in organic sessions, according to Google Analytics. This led to a significant increase in organic search traffic and a corresponding increase in leads from the website.

analytic Giggle finance

Additionally, over the course of two years, Giggle Finance was able to substantially increase its organic traffic from 0 to 13.4K and build 1.5K backlinks, according to Ahrefs. This helped the company improve its online presence and gain a competitive edge over its rivals.

Keyword-Ranking of Giggle Finance

In terms of keyword rankings, Giggle Finance was able to achieve impressive results. According to Ahrefs, they have 614 keywords ranking on the first page of Google search results, with 180 of those keywords ranking between 1 and 3 positions and 434 keywords ranking between 4 and 10 positions. This helped Giggle Finance increase its visibility in the financial services industry and drive more organic search traffic to its website.

Furthermore, Giggle Finance was able to build backlinks from over 500 unique websites, according to Ahrefs. This helped improve their search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic to their website.


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