SEO Case Study: Camp Keystone’s 225.9% Organic Traffic Rise


Camp Keystone provides summer camps for kids in Southern California! Their day camp programs cater to kids from ages 3 to 15 years old.


The client reached out to Tech Webers with a primary objective: to enhance organic traffic visibility in search results and boost the generation of organic leads.


Our SEO experts prioritize market research and competitive analysis to craft a strategic keyword research plan. We target high-volume keywords to attract more relevant visitors to our clients’ industries. Leveraging this research, we create high-quality, location-specific content and implement a comprehensive suite of SEO best practices:

On-Page SEO: We optimize meta tags, heading tags, alt tags, correct contact information, and add internal links. We also create engaging blog content and remove any dummy pages.

Off-Page SEO: We build authoritative backlinks and enhance our client’s online presence through strategic external link-building efforts.

Technical SEO: We address and improve the technical aspects of our client’s websites, ensuring fast load times, mobile optimization, and efficient crawlability by search engines.


  • We achieved a 225.9% increase in organic users and a 207.11% increase in organic sessions over the previous six months (reported by Google Analytics). 
Google Analytics
  • Our SEO efforts produced excellent results and within six months, organic traffic rose by 214.47% and clicks increased from 7.95K to 25K.
Google Search Console Clicks
  • Google Search Impressions has also increased from 407K to 835K, representing a 152.58% increase in visibility.
Google Search Console Impressions

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