Travel SEO Case Study: 240.4% Increase in Organic Traffic in 6 Months

Client Profile

MadTrek Adventures is a tour operator that offers thrilling trekking and outdoor experiences for nature enthusiasts in the Himalayan regions.

The Challenge

The client approached us intending to enhance their online visibility. Their primary objective was clear, to increase organic search ranking and attract a more targeted audience to their website. Specifically, the client sought to improve organic traffic and generate online leads, focusing on specific geographical areas within the Himalayan region.

The SEO Strategy

Tech Webers’ experienced SEO professionals study the market and competitors. This allows us to conduct in-depth keyword research and identify high-value keywords that attract targeted traffic, ultimately leading to conversions.

With strategic keyword research, we created high-quality content tailored to your target locations. Additionally, we implement comprehensive on-page, off-page, and technical SEO improvements to boost your website’s ranking.

The Results

After six months, our client reported an incredible 240.4% increase in organic traffic compared to the prior six months.


  • New Users: During the same timeframe, within the same period, there was a notable surge in new users through organic search. We attracted 6,519 new users, a remarkable increase from 2,712 to 9,231, marking a staggering 240.4% rise compared to the previous six months.
Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console Clicks: Google Search clicks surged from 3.59K to an impressive 12.1K, reflecting a remarkable 236.77% increase.
Google Search Console Clicks
  • Google Search Console Impressions: Google Search Impressions surged from 276K to a staggering 688K, showcasing an impressive 149.28% increase in visibility.
Google Search Console Impressions

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