What is the real purpose of SEO?

What is the real purpose of SEO

by | Dec 21, 2018 | SEO

Search Engines are getting really sophisticated with progressing time. Google also keeps changing the algorithm and innovating the ways we search like mobiles, voice search etc. It also involves user behavior which keeps the SEO on their toes all the time.

The dynamic nature of the industry requires to adapt to strategies and learn on the go to be successful in the digital space. But, one should not be so stuck up with new strategies that we forget the fundamentals of the SEO principles.

One might not have their own internal research team, but let us tell you how you can take this forward. Let us share with you how we help the clients to understand the SEO target better with the keywords.

One should ask the clients the following 2 questions.

1. Where do you want your site page to rank?
2. What do you wish to accomplish with these rankings.

These questions help us identify and drive us towards achieving our goal in a better way. In order to achieve SEO strategy successfully is by understanding the intent of the researcher.

Search intention could be of 4 types:

Informational – People who seek informational queries seek to learn more about a subject or topic. These searches are common and generally have a large volume. These searches appear on the top of the search.

Informational searches appear on top of the marketing funnel during the search phase which is more likely to convert to customers. The searchers are always looking for content rich pages which will answer the questions faster and clearly. The search results will reflect that.

Commercial – These are generally a mix of transactional and information. Here, the searcher is looking to make a purchase. How to differentiate one? Common words used would be price and sale. The pages generally include products, services and similar pages.

Navigational – People who search under navigational already know the brand they are looking for. The searches involves queries which features brand name of a specific product.

Transactional – The searchers here are looking to make a purchase. The keywords they use are specific and to the point. The users know what exactly they are searching for.

After categorizing one could use the 4 segments to understand the searcher’s intentions in a better way.
The best place where one can start research work is from the answers themselves. This way, there are chances of ranking the page in a better position.

Google at the end of the day wants to show the results what the searchers look for. On-page Optimization links have their significance, but you can never compete in search.

The research would need a content strategy as well. Hence, in order to rank you would need to make comparable results. If you do not have a page, maybe it is time to create one.

The answer to what will the rank achieve? It is simple, more traffic!

Search engines should start optimizing for intent. The SEO experts should focus their work on the audience and continue to be more sophisticated on measuring the results.

Over the period of so many years, people have focused so much on the strategy that companies are forgetting the fundamentals of SEO. If one sticks to it, they will achieve better results and impress their clients in a better way.

With the changing algorithms, one thing should be clear for the SEO Experts, the strategies would not work for a long time. They will have to form a baseline from where they can build the ladder.